What we can do for you

Storage of physical media and merchandise

We store Vinyl, CD, Merchandise or any other products for independent companies or individuals from as little as a penny an item a month.

Automated fulfilment of online sales

Sites like Bandcamp, Discogs, Ebay and shopify. You sell the items on your chosen online platform and we access your outstanding orders and ship them promptly in purpose made, professional mailers.

Stock management for independent labels

We count your stock in and track your sales and stock levels to ensure you can keep your inventory levels correct.

Automated access to sales through API programming

We have coded with most platforms to enable us to easily access the orders you have taken and mark them as shipped with a tracking number so you don’t have to. Once your order is placed we handle it from that point forward so you can concentrate on other things.

Independent Seller

If you are an independent seller on Discogs, you spend a lot of time finding, cleaning and packing items. You also spend a lot of time at a local post office queuing or dropping off stock for shipping. You will have times when you have run out of Mailers, sleeves, cleaner etc… We take care of all of these areas allowing you more time to grow your business by sourcing stock and listing more items.


“My business doubled since I began using Marquee Fulfilment. They handle all the mundane stuff allowing me the time to do the things I enjoy doing like finding stock and listing it”
Andy Brighton (Vinyl Finds)

The quality of stock I’m finding since using music marquee has improved massively, simply because I have time to get out and buy more. The better the stock I have the more profitable my business is. Simple. I couldn’t recommend them enough”
Jules Dobshizzle

Marquee fulfilment are a lovely bunch of guys who provide a great service and a sense of community for discogs users. I can’t fault the service and have the time to grow my business”
Jimmy Tea Two Milky

Independent Record Label

If you are an independent record label you find it difficult to keep on top of your storage and inventory. You want to concentrate on new releases and your artists. We take deliveries direct from pressing plants or merchandise companies and store the items in a methodical way so you can focus on driving sales. We will ship your items promptly directly to your customers and keep you informed of inventory lines that have slowed and need incentives to promote sales.